“Garnet Cascade” Earrings

These earrings I completed early this year, after making a similar pair for a friend’s wedding – hers was shorter and weighed twice less. My ears like to feel the weight of whatever I’m wearing, so I tend to make really long and fairly heavy pieces for myself.


I tried to use larger beads toward the top, and smaller toward the bottom to maintain a grape wine shape

These are made out of two types of garnet – on some photos you might notice that the top 3/4 of the earring has burgundy beads, while the botton 1/4 has a raspberry color (when hit by direct light). In shadow, or inside lighting, the burgundy beads actually look lighter than the raspberry ones.

The wire/headpins/chain I used for these earrings are gold filled, while the findings are gold.


Here you can see the secret colors of the beads, thanks to the sun.


I love how these look in my hands. However, in my dirty blond shoulder length hair, these get lost. I end up wearing them mostly when doing my hair up – then they’re glorious.


A bit blurry, this photo nicely shows that the top portion of the earrings is lighter than the bottom


First time I was using headpins instead of just wire – I think it made the earrings look cleaner. Definitely a more expensive choice, though.

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2 Responses to “Garnet Cascade” Earrings

  1. Sarah says:

    i still loveeeeeee these. i vote you include this design in your store inventory : )


    • mimB says:

      Thank you 🙂 I will then 🙂

      And now I know that when I update blog posts, they reappear in people’s feeds. Which is useful knowledge. WIll need to avoid it in the future, unless updates are meaningful.


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