“Jelly Fish/UFO” Earrings

So. To me, these look either like delicate jelly fish, or one of those flying saucers. Either case, I love these. Made them also in 2010, in silver, aquamarine and tourmaline.


So here is a prime example of my photography – I’m in love with tilted shots. Have been for years.


So the actual saucers are aquamarine beads – the fairly intense blue colors suggests that these have been heated prior to cutting – common aqua is paler, and un-treated gems of such color command epic pricing.


This shot didn’t quite work out, but I was really trying to catch how in the shade, the sunlight gathered in the cup, making it better lit than the surroundings.


I wear these when I’m feeling especially girly


Looking at these now, I want to make a similarly styled bracelet

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One Response to “Jelly Fish/UFO” Earrings

  1. Sarah says:

    those stones really catch the light 🙂


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