“Twilight” Earrings

These earrings make me breathless. They’re made out of silver, smoky quartz briolettes, tunduru sapphire briolettes, and labradorite rondelles. Labradorite is ridiculously pretty, especially as an accent. Mostly grey/blue in tone, it flashes intense blues, yellows and greens as it disperses light. The tunduru sapphire beads might not actually be sapphire  – even though sapphires do come in those colors and from that region, I’ve read that all sorts of gemstones get bunched under the name of “tunduru sapphire” to sell better. Even if it isn’t, I’m pretty sure these are garnet, tourmaline or quartz and likely underwent no treatments other than, perhaps, heating.


Curiously, you can see that these smoky quartz drops are much lighter in tone than the ones in Citrine Berry earrings, even though the beads come from the same strand.


Here you can see the orange/green colors of the so-claimed sapphires.

05_06_13-IMG_7102 05_06_13-IMG_7108

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