Cleaning silver jewelry

I’ll start by saying that I have not yet developed an ideal routine for keeping the silver in my pieces untarnished. I’ve read that washing it gently with a toothbrush in warm soapy water helps – and this has worked somewhat for silver rings and pendants that I have. Not so much for wire wrapped pieces. I have some cloths for polishing silver, which once again work amazingly on purchased jewelry, and are completely useless on my fuzzy earrings, since I can’t get to any of the intricate loops and chains.

So when I’m desperate, I use a jewelry cleaning solution that has been un-recommended by everyone ever, except, it seems, the jewelry stores that sell it: Connoisseurs Sterling Silver Jewelry Cleaner. (In the photo below, the one on the left. *Psst: the one of the right doesn’t do sh** for silver cleaning, and is thus probably much safer for your jewelry :))


The evil ass solution is on the left. If anyone knows effective alternatives to it, please let me know!

Cleaning process:

  1. Place as many pieces of jewelry as fit on the dipping net without overlapping each other;
  2. Lower carefully into the cleaning solution and quickly take out as soon as the solution covers the pieces completely. (In other words, dip completely and take out ASAP).
  3. Peer into the container while trying not to breathe in the solution’s smell, and be pretty sure that those grains of solid on the bottom are the result of a chemical reaction. Marvel that this cleaning solution is corrosive as f**k.
  4. Rinse jewelry extensively under a warm stream of water, hoping that this will wash off any remaining solution.
  5. Leave on paper towel to dry out.
  6. Store individually in plastic sealable baggies.

Earrings with tarnished silver that haven’t been work in over a year. I’ve found that the less you wear silver, the sooner it will tarnish.


On bathroom sink counter, the earrings I’ll be cleaning today


BAM! Same earrings after barely a breath of a dip in the cleaning solution.


Still slightly wet after the rinse, the stones look especially sparkly and transparent.


My current method of storage for the earrings.


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