“Identity Crisis” Earrings

It was really easy to decide on a name for these ones, because as soon as I tried to frame them in photos, I realized they wanted to be a bracelet or a necklace or anything really, but earrings. Because they’re ridiculously long! *Blissful sigh* I love how long they are. They’re so impractical, but I love that I can make impractically long earrings, especially since this isn’t something widely available on the market.

I wear them with low neck or wide beck shirts, since given the length of my real neck (not very long), these get to my collar bones. Yesss. So proud!

They are silver and labradorite, and if I ever feel practical, they are totally becoming a bracelet.


Cheeek out those tails!!


Have I gushed yet how I love labradorite? It’s a soft stone, btw, easy to chip – but perfect for earrings, since you’re not likely to bang them against anything hard.


Look at it – isn’t is amazing how they have these blue northern light flashes? Visual heaven, damn it.


Long earrings are long


Ignore my blank expression. I’m just sad to discover that my neck is short. And that it is even short when I’m trying to take pictures of myself.


See? Being a bracelet just calls to them.


If you aren’t convinced that I’m obsessed yet, I don’t know what else to do.


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