“Pale Morning” Earrings

These earrings, construction wise, are almost identical to the After Rain ones, but it’s pretty impressive how shape and color of the stones can change the perceived style. These are made with silver, smoky quartz drops, and then 2 rose quartz briolettes, and one ametrine briolette each. Ametrine is a combination of amethyst and citrine – sometimes naturally occurring, sometimes due to treatment – heating. I don’t know which one in this case. In either case, I think the shift in color in ametrines makes them a mysterious addition.


In these photos you can easily tell the change from purple to yellow in the ametrines. Looking at these makes me wonder whether a larger concentration of ametrines in an earring would look like a thunderstorm.


As per the swirlies you see on some of the beads – this is an alternative end to wire wrapping a bead that I employ, though rarely. I do not like how the wire tends to look if you double it back from the bottom of the created cap back to the loop, but these swirly ends require a careful owner. They are relatively easy to get caught on sweaters, hair, etc. The times that this happens, however, the wire work does not unravel – the swirl will bend out a little, or un-swirl some, but the main portion of the wire cap remains intact.


It it’s too visible, but half of the awesomeness of rose quartz is the milkiness it has. In right light conditions, it glows.


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