“Sky” Necklace

Here comes my favorite bracelet. It took my HOURS to make it, and I picked out all the nicest beads, and it’s gorgeous, and probably super expensive (I’m avoiding calculating the cost).  And it’s soo blue! I wear it by itself, or with SeaFoam earrings, and it makes me feel like royalty 🙂 (It’s also darn impossible to photograph).

Let me try to remember the materials: silver, aqua, blue apatite, green apatite, kyanite, moonstone.


Today it was thundering outside as I took these photos, and the wind and the cold made it more difficult to photograph. I’ll likely need to redo these shots at a later point to get them less blurry.


So, this necklace features three variations of apatite (neon blue, paler blue, green), and a couple variations of aquamarine (the larger blue beads, smaller pale ones)



To try and show the color better, this is me wearing the necklace together with Hammered Amethyst earrings.
Original photo by Oxana Miliaeva. (This is a cropped version)

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5 Responses to “Sky” Necklace

  1. Anya says:

    Lookin’ very pretty in that necklace and earrings. I’m guessing it was a VERY SPECIAL event you wore them to 😛 🙂


    • mimB says:

      Hoho! Yes 😀 The only kind of fanciness one could wear to SUCH as special event 😀

      On that note, does Oxana has a website or smth I can link to in order to give photo credit? I think the pic was hers..


      • Anya says:

        I don’t think she does… You could say “Photo by Oxana Miliaeva” but I’m not sure it’s necessary in this case.


  2. Михаил Г. says:

    This Necklace is very nice.


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