“Autumn Leaves” Necklace

I believe the beads I used for this necklace is laced agate, some of them dyed red. This is the kind of necklace to wear with solid color sweaters – and on me, it feels uncomfortably short. Ideally, I will get a larger supply of these, and will extend it x2 or x3 even, to opera length necklace. It’ll be heavy, but I think it’ll look much better.


Attempt to model the necklace. Once my darling teaches me to use his fancy camera and tri-pod, these will be better.


The beads come from three different strands, all honeycomb cut: a yellow medium size, red medium size, and red large size.


I like how really warm this color scheme is.


In shadow on a sunny day. Finally sunny! Though promised thunderstorms soon.


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One Response to “Autumn Leaves” Necklace

  1. Anya says:

    Love it, so classy! I think length is actually pretty good. I had one opera-length necklace made out of similar stones, it was almost too heavy to wear. These are stones, after all šŸ˜›


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