“Carpet” Earrings

I can’t help it, these remind me of the complicated weave in Turkish wall carpets some Russians, including my great grandma, had in their living rooms. I guess mostly because the colors pink and blue are a clashing contrast? Close up, I think the colors muddle each other – but when wearing them, the blue is just a filler – it dissipates against my hair or the backdrop of air, and only the pink is visible. They are my baby steps in the direction of pink colored jewelry 🙂 I think I’m not a lover of pink unless it’s a complement to another color. Which isn’t a big problem, since red/pink gemstones are fairly limited in supply and expensive when available.

These are made with silver, red/pink tourmaline, and aqua.


I guess I also could have called them Confused Caterpillars



My ivy plant came in super handy 🙂

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