“Cloudy” Earrings

Next I’ll be posting a batch of earrings made with post findings – I’ve a love/hate relationship with them. Posts look very neat, and feel nice if the earring is light. I tend to make pretty heavy earrings however, so I either have to pinch the earring really tight or worry about it tilting and sliding open. I think almost all of the following batch will do nicely with fish hook findings, so I will eventually replace them. (I’ve never worked with lever-backed and kidney findings, though I imagine both of those would work as well. Here’s a reference for earring findings, in case you’re interested: http://www.jewelry-and-polymerclay-tutorial-heaven.com/jewelry-findings.html#axzz2SnCdwWYg)

These were really simple to make, the hardest bit being trying to choose matching beads – a feat I only barely accomplished. The end result is sufficient, though – while they are different widths (fatness), their length is the same – not a large visual difference.

These are silver and chalcedony – I think this color, while closer to the naturally occurring, is still a dyed color. The natural color goes something like this: http://www.gemselect.com/chalcedony/chalcedony-326621.php Maybe I got lucky though – as you’ll see, the earrings are a translucent milky color, remind me of a slightly overcast sky.


Post earrings required a new photo set up – featuring IKEA coasters!



I was taking these as the wind was beating the rain onto the balcony and my set-up.



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2 Responses to “Cloudy” Earrings

  1. Sarah says:

    simple and beautiful : )


    • mimB says:


      I totally struggle with going for simple, though. I should organize some sort of challenge for myself where I limit bead number and go for “simple and beautiful”.


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