“Midnight Waters” Earrings

Dum-dum-dum-dum – drrrrum rrrroll! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage the ultimate beauty, the blue-green Thai sapphire!

I saw a strand of these on Etsy, and while I debated whether to officially become a crazy bead lazy and get them, they were snatched up. Regretful, I contacted the vendor, SYAU, and asked her to look out for another strand and get it on my behalf. Fairly soon, bam! https://www.etsy.com/transaction/46044910 This strand cost me $160. (This was back when not only was I working, but when my ex and I made tons of disposable income, so I managed to spend a couple thousand dollars on beading supplies in 3 months  – this was around May 2010, which is the approximate date for a lot of my beading projects.)

So, these are sapphire, gold findings and gold-filled wire.


Here begins the odyssey to capture the color of thai sapphires.


They are green/blue – the color you see shifts based on lighting conditions, and is also zoned within the stones itself.


In the rainy overcast light, these mostly looked an inky dark green.




Here you can see that these stones have quite a lot of blue in them, under brighter diffused light.


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5 Responses to “Midnight Waters” Earrings

  1. Anya says:

    I think I need to model these for you so you can get a more “true to life” pic 😉


    • mimB says:

      I might take you up on that, actually, at some point. I think modeling jewelry really helps put it in context. I’m planning to research how to model jewelry, and then I’ll need models 😀


  2. Sarah says:

    omg. i was like “i really need to stop commenting that i love every single piece or olga won’t believe me anymore” but these are my new favorite, sooooo beautiful! Agree with Anya, I want to see all these on!


    • Anya says:

      Sarah, these are *amazing* IRL. I borrowed them from Olga once when I went to an international conference and wanted to give an edge to my usual laid-back look. They were the perfect touch, and I got a compliment on them from my boss the second she saw me wearing them 🙂


      • mimB says:

        Wish I could introduce you guys properly somehow – you’ve both heard from me about each other. I went to Anya’s wedding in October right before our first visit to Boston last year – and Sarah and her John are our primary reason for visiting Boston – they got married in August last year, and I’ve definitely mentioned their wedding to Anya.

        Anya – something I’ve been meaning to ask you in view of my plans to make earring for sale: how were these length wise for you? I remember you said that any heavier and it would be too heavy for you – makes me wonder, if I try to lighter earrings, how short would be too short? 3/4 of the current length, 1/2…?

        Also – if you remember, how was it wearing these with the post findings? Would you have preferred another finding type?


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