“Northern Lights” Necklace

This necklace is made almost entirely out of labradorite – because it’s a soft stone, I didn’t want to put the beads next to each other. I also didn’t want to use silver spacer beads – so I ended up using regular small glass beads I got at a local bead store. They blended in spectacularly.

I barely ever wear this necklace, but not because it’s not fabulous – it is. It looks amazing. Absolutely mesmerizing to look at. The problem is that it looks too rich. I’ve found that it’s good to wear with black, lavender, or otherwise dark subdued colors, and mostly for fancy evening outings.

I also will probably restring it – it’s currently on nylon wire, but I think that perhaps it’ll be better on silk string that’s typically used for pearl stringing.






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5 Responses to “Northern Lights” Necklace

  1. Anya says:

    Labradorite is fabulously rich, isn’t it? I also find myself wearing it mostly with black or lavender. I’ve even bought shirts just so I could wear it 😉 When I made my necklace, I used the black silk string and knotted in between stones, like for pearls. I really like the look of this piece as it is thought. Awesomeness!


  2. Anya says:

    P.S. LOVE the clasp!


    • mimB says:

      I got the clasp at the KK Gems – but I think Accent Beads might also have them. Awesome clasps, but I think $5-$6 per piece? Worth it though for fancy pieces 🙂


      • Anya says:

        You should visit Beadazzled in Dupont Circle (though don’t bring too much money with you, or you might spend it all!). They have a great selection or gorgeous clasps.


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