“Winter Morning” Necklace

Another one of my favorite summer necklaces. (Or, let’s say, warm weather necklace. After all, wearing stones in cold weather totally makes one feel colder). As I’ve mentioned, I looove hammered stones – they look so interesting, and can be frosty, and have natural shapes, and uh! I love it.

I used aqua and rose quartz. The hammered aqua stones came from a super long aqua necklace my friend (hi Anya!) gave to me (back then, I didn’t realize the awesomeness of opera length necklaces, and after wearing it as a bracelet for a while, took it apart).





Hm. I think you can tell that I really like this one by the amount of photos 🙂



Soo frosty!


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One Response to “Winter Morning” Necklace

  1. I love the colors of the stones. Beautiful!


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