Works In Progress

Here are some sneak peeks into pieces I’m working on (some of them have been WIPs for a couple of years, some are recent).


This will be a necklace. That’s as far as I’ve decided at this point.


A future bracelet! I think I’ll add more green (peridot) and raspberry (rhodolite).


A future necklace, with flourite as a center stone – beautiful color, super soft stone. Rose quartz around.


This is gonna be great – gold filled wire and rough diamonds. Diamonds! The only time I’m really interested in them – in this state. It’ll be super delicate and beautiful 🙂


So, this should be interesting. In the photos, the labradorite doesn’t look complementary to the chalcedony, but on skin, it’s better…


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2 Responses to Works In Progress

  1. Your work is spectacular. Thank you for sharing! =)


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