Review: Wood InLay Rings by WedgeWood Rings

When my partner and I started discussing our long-term hopes for our relationship, we decided that rings to commemorate us liking each other a whole lot would be fun idea. I was super excited – Lev wasn’t against wearing rings, and was interested in something fancier that a regular gold band. After some research, most of it conducted on Etsy, he came across two shops he especially liked:

Being a salary-earning adult at that point (now I’m an unemployed adult with ambitions of self-employment), I giggled at Lev until he felt encouraged enough to pick a favorite ring from each shop – at which point I happily dubbed the more economic wood ring from WedgeWood Rings the engagement ring, and the costlier meteorite ring from Johan’s bench as the wedding ring.

We are both very happy with each of the rings, so I wanted to praise the two epic jewelry benches! This post will be mainly for WedgeWood Rings, and a later post will focus on Jewelry by Johan

Engagement Ring: “Titanium band lines with Arizona Desert Ironwood Burl” from WedgeWood Rings


Working with Steven was a pleasure, since it was barely any work for me, the customer. He responded to Etsy messages quickly, was friendly, concise and efficient. I contacted him with custom specifications for wood, titanium finish, size and width of ring – Steven confirmed that he’ll take on my order and set up the invoice for me. Once I paid, Steven thanked me for the order, promised to provide photos as soon as he’ll have them, and gave by a deadline by which he would ship the ring. He ended up completing the ring several days ahead of deadline and shipping early. Here are the photos of the ring he provided:


Photo by Steven, the man behind WedgeWood Rings
Titatium is sandblasted for the dull finish


Photo by Steven, the man behind WedgeWood Rings


Photo by Steven, the man behind WedgeWood Rings
On ring sizer

About 3 weeks into wearing the ring, Lev noticed that the epoxy finish that sealed the wood portion of the ring was flaking – he was very careful with the ring, yet the finish was behaving… not at all how we expected a month into ownership.


Flaking epoxy finish


another close-up

So I contacted Steven for help – asking for diagnosis and potential solutions. Steven decided that the cause was most likely a bad epoxy batch, and that in either case he’d be able to re-apply a finish for us. We coordinated on vacation schedules – first he was out of town, and then we were – but in another month we had the ring back in perfect condition. It’s been over 7 months since then at this point, and the finish has remained in the same condition as when we received the ring back. Here’s some eye candy 🙂


On a suuuper cute and very affordable ring holder from MoonSkyWoodWorks on Etsy:



I’m glad I’ve infected Lev with my obsession with wood 🙂

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6 Responses to Review: Wood InLay Rings by WedgeWood Rings

  1. Lauren says:

    Those are AWESOME!!


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  4. Beautiful ring! I want to get one of these, but I’m wondering….how has it held up over time?


    • Hey! It’s been a little under two years since we got this ring (will be 2 in September), and Levon continues to wear it daily. The ring HAS seen some wear and tear to the epoxy, but it’s minor and is mostly located where the layer of epoxy overlaps the titanium at the edge. So, for us, it’s worked out thus far. I gotta wonder whether the original bad epoxy finish we got affected the second application of the finish and its durability.
      Oh, a thing to mention – I don’t think we’ve ever done the suggested care routine for the ring – applying wax from time to time to protect the wood surface from scratches. Also, WedgeWoodRings has a post online explaining pros/cons of the finish they use:

      All in all, Levon is interested in getting more rings of a similar type from this vendor, so he’s had a good experience with it 🙂

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