Last week’s progress

Most of the craft related time I took last week I spent on setting up a work space for myself, figuring out pricing for the materials I have, and organizing them for accessibility. I’m so happy to say I’m done! It felt pretty intense, and I’m glad to finally be able to move on.


All this space is lacking is a ton of prints on the walls. And some natural light lamp for evening work.


This is the majority of my materials. I’ve some strands of semi-precious stones, mostly quartz varieties. While they’re pretty to look at, they do not inspire me no matter how hard I stare at them – so I’ve hid them away. 🙂


The display board itself is a $16.99 frameless cork board (26″x30″, cork layer over particle board), wrapped in grey fabric.

While I was hunting for cork boards, the following caught my eye at Hobby Lobby – these are cords of various materials and even various colors. Tempting for me because I am planning to design a line of male/androgynous necklaces and bracelets, and  alternatives to shiny wire and chain are my friends. 🙂


Although the middle combination of colors makes me think of babies, and that turquoise cord in the middle right is… just.. a hilarious way to destroy a perfectly masculine combination of summer colors.


Anyone work with cords? How do you like them?


Trying to remember pricing, for later online comparison research.


Deerskin guys. Deerskin. Real or…?


And goatskin! Although it does look softer and better than regular cords.

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