“Northern Lights” Necklace, Reworked

Today, as a jumpstart to my epic plans for next week (I haven’t figured them out yet, but EPICNESS is the goal), I reworked the “Northern Lights” necklace. Here it is in the original state:


I wanted to alter it for a number of reasons:

  • That much labradorite was very rich, making it difficult to wear often.
  • The clasp was a weird combination of a Bali toggle clasp and a lobster clasp.
  • I wanted to experiment with using pearl thread instead of beading wire.

I took it apart entirely, and worked on it for 2-3 hours. Restringing without alteration would have taken about 30 minutes, but I basically strung beads on and off several times as I was deciding on which combinations felt pleasing. Also, the holes in the labradorite beads turned out too narrow for the pearl thread I had, so I miraculously dug out a length of beading wire that just happened to be long enough to work with. I’m pretty happy with the result.


The main changes from the previous design include removing 4 of the large labradorite beads, and adding a number of aquamarine rondelles to mellow out the grey with white, and add visual breaks to the necklace.


The necklace looks more casual, more beady, and more busy now. However, I think it looks better on skin than before – it used to be too rich, almost overwhelmingly so. Nearly impossible to wear. Now I’m hoping to match it not only with black or lavender, but with other dark velvety colors, and perhaps even green.


For this photo, I was ridiculously excited to have thought of a log. We technically got them to experiment with the real fireplace in our apartment, but meanwhile, I’ve been breaking off bark and attaching it in the cage of my three parakeets. They love climbing and chipping away at it.
And – bark! Love bark. Can’t give all to pets. 🙂


I can’t remember the name of those flowers, but I’m glad they’re sun loving and hassle free, and give a splash of color to our balcony.


And this shot… took me an age. The flowers are in a tall container, almost at my knees. The log is cut in triangle shape, and therefore is only stable on the side without supports. And I needed it to be with the flat of the bark up, to keep the necklace from sliding.
Ages to arrange. But fun. 🙂

For anyone interested, a list of materials:

  • Oval focal labradorite beads (3)
  • Large faceted labradorite rondelles (42)
  • Small faceted labradorite rondelles (22)
  • Faceted aquamarine rondelles (34)
  • Sterling Silver daisy spacers (22)
  • Sterling Silver basic spacers (46)
  • Sterling Silver Bali toggle clasp
  • Glass bead spacers (20)
  • Silver clamps (4)
  • Beading wire (2ft; unknown brand and thickness)
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