Review: My “Relationship” Ring – Photos (Part 6)

Review continued from Part 5 – The Ring: Custom Setting from Dan and Caren of DanielM Jewelry


Part 6 – Final Result Photos

I received the ring yesterday – I am thrilled. I hope the amount of photos in this posts conveys just how enamored with it I am. The little imperfections I was worried about are there, but are invisible from an arm’s length; even when looking from nose’s length, I am not bothered by them. The ring is very comfortable and light and sturdy looking. The gemstones look magnificent – better than I remember them, brighter than I remember them. In the shadows of indoor lighting the sapphire and rhodolites do not black out – I think it’s because it’s easier to discern their color in comparison to the other colors in the ring. And rose gold for bezels was a great choice, as it look most natural. It makes the stones pop, but does not overwhelm with either silver-ness or yellowness – and is closer to my skin color and thus isn’t at all distracting. I am both very happy about DanielM’s work and very proud of my own vision 🙂


Photo courtesy of my partner, Lev


Photo courtesy of my partner, Lev


Photo courtesy of my partner, Lev


Photo courtesy of my partner, Lev


Rice is amazing for holding the ring up without hand support 😀


Here you may see all the lovely wonkiness of this ring – the reflections give away the small imperfects.
Or, as Mr. Knightly says in Emma, “Maybe it’s our imperfections that make us so perfect for each other”. (Which is an excellent sentiment, but sounds ridiculous in the movie).


That puffy white coral thing – I actually have two of them, and originally planned to somehow make rings with them. Now I can’t even remember how 🙂


The fruit is for color comparison.


It was very difficult to use the berries, but not consume them all – berries are for breakfasts…


That paper in the background is supposed to be red. I-phone pics = off color balance.


And at this point, I felt like the queen of mad props.


tasty lovely…


With Granny Smith Apple


I wear most of my rings on my middle finger, either hand. I know that’s not very common, but I think it started out as a visual preference, and by now is a matter of comfort.


With Lev’s rings, in the indoor incandescent lighting.


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6 Responses to Review: My “Relationship” Ring – Photos (Part 6)

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  6. Anya says:

    It’s magnificent! Congrats! The color combination is TDF. I love the cushiny bezels on the rhodolites, too! Cheers!


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