Choosing Earrings to Replicate

As I’ve said in the previous post, some of the designs I want to offer at my shop will be new replicas of earrings I wear and love. Here are ten pairs for which I have the right materials. Let’s say I’m trying to pick 5 – which ones would you select? And why?


My current thoughts on these 10:

  1. “Identity Crisis”: Would keep them stylistically identical, except would vary the length depending on customer’s desire;
  2. “Pastel Drop”: For the originals, I used some yellow aqua rondelles just above the roze quartz focal bead – I would remove that in future iterations. Also, would perhaps make shorter by ~1cm.
  3. “Pale Morning”: I’m considering reworking the existing pair – to rework all the wiring in 28g wire instead of the alternating 26 and 30 I have it in right now. Also to add some more blue/purple tone?
  4. “After Rain”, Silver: Would keep identical, and rework wiring on the smoky quartz focals if I decide to sell my own pair.
  5. “After Rain”, Gold Filled: Same as #4.
  6. “Cloudy”: Would offer with fish-hook ear-wires instead of posts.
  7. “Hammered Amethyst”: I love these as they are. If I could, I’d get similarly chunky unruly amethyst focals – but the ones I have are all more precise squares, and “frosted”. I wonder whether that’ll impact the design visually.
  8. “Twilight”: Also probably wouldn’t change a thing πŸ˜€
  9. “Midnight Waters”: Probably offer shorter versions? Consider playing with a silver version?
  10. “Strictly Business”: Would keep the same design, and just use higher gauge wire, perhaps different findings.
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6 Responses to Choosing Earrings to Replicate

  1. Sarah says:

    – midnight waters are my favorite and i think would also look awesome with silver wire!!
    – agree about fish hooks on cloudy, i think this is an awesome design though
    – could you use your slightly more ruly unruly amethysts to do a version of strictly business with amethysts? might be a little chunky but i think it would look cool πŸ™‚
    – i prefer after rain silver to after rain gold, but i am generally partial to silver. i like the design of these and the similar pale morning – fewer stones makes each stone really shine. For me, i feel like with pastel drop and twilight, the stones are a little too close together so you can’t appreciate each stone as well (might be different when worn though, b/c then they would swing nicely in 3D).
    – i like the almost ombre color scheme in pastel drop

    If I had to pick 5, I would pick (in order of preference starting with my fave) midnight waters (gold or silver), cloudy with fish hooks, a bastard love child of pastel drop and after rain silver (like the design of after rain but replace the bottom stone with rose quartz), pale morning, and toss up between strictly business, identity crisis, and hammered amethyst. Ok i think i technically just chose 8 or 9. Too many pretty things!!! Can’t wait until your shop opens!! πŸ™‚


    • mimB says:

      Sarah, thanks for the input!
      Clearly, I’m totally making more of Midnight Waters. I think it’ll also be interesting to see if the difference in cost of materials will be significant between silver and gold filled wire.

      And oh man, I know what you mean about fewer stones making it possible for each stone to really be accented – and stylistically, simplicity is often better than complication if only because it’s really difficult to strike a good balance of detail.
      But I’m such a sucker for lots of fuzziness to earrings! It’s hard to control myself πŸ™‚ I was fixing Pale Morning yesterday, and instead of just reworking the wiring, got all like – ooh, lets add more color! And this space here looks kinda empty – more beads!
      I’ll hopefully have pics up by Monday so you can see, lol.
      Need to be stricter with myself in copying the designs πŸ˜›

      And as I’ve said, I’ll be trying your suggestions – at least to see the color scheme and placement – and perhaps will post pics when I have them πŸ™‚


  2. Anya says:

    In order of preference:
    1. midnight waters gold
    2. strictly business
    3. hammered amethyst
    4. pale morning
    5. after rain silver

    But more importantly, I’d like an update on the fuzzy bracelet (and a whole line of fuzzies! I love that look).

    Also I wanted to note that while I think the “Cloudy” earrings are super sexy, the reason I didn’t have them on my list is because I know they’re too big for me to wear. Same with identity crisis. But I think both are great for gals who are comfortable with heavier earrings and statement pieces.


    • mimB says:

      Thanks Anya!
      I know I asked you this when I was making garnet earrings for you, but what is your comfort/preferred weight and length for earrings? I think you said that Midnight Waters were an OK length, and that weight is around… 5-6 grams total?

      Also, fuzzy bracelet. This is embarrassing, but I can’t remember what you’re referring to – the greenish bracelet that I wear, or a bracelet version of the blue necklace?


  3. Anya says:

    Omg, how could you forget! πŸ˜›

    In terms of weight and length — midnight waters was just fine, I believe I had no problem wearing them when I did.


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