“Pale Twilight” Earrings

I was reworking the “Pale Morning” Earrings  and couldn’t stop at the original design – it begged for more color, more fuzz. Thus, please welcome the “Pale Twilight” Earrings!

As my friend Sarah would say, the bastard child of “Pale Morning” and “Twilight” earring styles (similar coloring and similar design, respectively). These will be up for sale when my Etsy shop goes up.


What’s your vote on the orange background – too distracting, or an appropriate color contrast?

They took me around 3 hours, but I’m so pleased I followed the urge to expand them. I will likely offer “Pale Morning” even so, for those of us who prefer clean simplicity in style; but aren’t these delicious?


Against scarf – I probably wouldn’t wear them with bright red/orange though. A curious experiment, however.


This is my favorite photo of the bunch – not too clear for product placement, but Oh, aren’t they like dew in early morning?

“Pale Twilight” Earrings are about 0.11oz (~3.4 g) in weight each, and about 1.77″ (~4.5cm) in length from the top of the earwires.

The list of materials:

  • Smoky Quartz Briolettes (2 focals)
  • Ametrine Briolettes (2)
  • Roze Quartz Briolettes (4)
  • Iolite (10 small rondelles)
  • Moonstone (6 medium rondelles)
  • Aquamarine (8 small rondelles)
  • Tourmaline (4 small rondelles)
  • Silver Wire, 28g (3ft)
  • Silver Spacers (16 pieces)
  • Silver Chain (1″)
  • Silver Fishhook Ear-wires (1 pair)
  • Silver Headpins (12)

The Iolite is a new addition to my stock of materials. It’s got a lovely pale purple/periwinkle color. The tourmaline beads are the pales pink I could pick – and still a more intense pink than the delicate roze quartz.


Against natural bright light, the smoky quartz brightens enough to see the faceting.


All these shots are really in attempt to convey color – a lovely off – white in many beads, more a tone of white.


And this, I mean, is just cause I love this ivy plant I have – it’s so pretty, and so inconvenient to photograph, but I’m stubborn and it shall succumb as a photo prop!


Again, because the ivy is pretty. And the earrings are pretty. And the ivy started growing!


It succumbed. Muahaha!
Or, I’m just lucky these earrings aren’t very heavy. 😛


To show in comparison to skin color.

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One Response to “Pale Twilight” Earrings

  1. Anya says:

    They are beautiful! I love your favorite photo too. The earrings aren’t the first thing you notice, but when you do see them, you realize how perfectly they match the flowery view 🙂


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