5 Responses to Branding: Designing the Logo

  1. Amy says:

    Hello, I stumbled onto your blog this morning and have been enjoying reading your posts on starting up a buisness. I started my Etsy shop in January and am still working on figuring out branding and marketing. It’s fun though and can’t wait to read about your adventures.


    • mimB says:

      Hi! 😀
      Oh man, it’s been a trip. I’ve been trying to conquer product photography this past month – instead, it keeps conquering me and even my partner, who has some nice equipment and the passion for photography that I lack.
      I’ve promised myself to open shop no later than tomorrow, with whatever I have ready – instead of waiting until perfection strikes – which means really sub-par product descriptions 🙂

      Thank you for writing! 😀 I’m off to check out your work!

      Amy’s Blog: http://crymsonflower.blogspot.com/
      Amy’s Etsy Shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/CrymsonFlower


      • Amy says:

        I’m about to start the process of rephotographing all my stuff. I did some art shows this summer and let my etsy shop slack big time. Since it’s pretty small right now I figure now’s the time for new photos, SEO, and fresh marketing. The whole process is such a trip but I’ve really been enjoying it. And it’s so fun to read someone else’s adventures so similar to mine. Yes, open up shop and go from there. There’s much to be said about prepping but I found I can prep forever and never be prepped. The biggest step was just opening shop and working from there.


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