Branding: Packaging

Coming up with packaging might seem a little premature at this stage (when I’ve yet to make a single sale), but I’m having fun covering all my bases. As a branding medium, packaging provides a great opportunity to make the right first impression on your new customer.

Take the following image for example:

Image by Genevieve of Green Ribbon Gems, present on Etsy and

The boxes are of a sturdy sustainable material.  The festive spring green ribbon looks fresh and luxurious. The logo has a matching color scheme, and is placed strategically. Looks great, right? More significantly, don’t you just feel your perceived value of the Green Ribbon Gems increasing? (And you and I don’t even know what’s inside those boxes!)

Say you ordered a $200 bracelet – then this packaging feels like an appropriately tasteful accent. Say, instead, you ordered a $20 bracelet – suddenly this packaging tells you that you have received something much more precious. It’s not just costume jewelry anymore – look at that nice present you gave yourself!

As a buyer, I can’t help but go through the following judgement process every time I tear open the external shipping material and get to the core packaging:

  • It it attractive/festive?
  • Does it reflect/enhance the monetary value of the item within?
  • Can I clearly tell what kind of shop this came from?
  • Does it encourage that I return to the shop (business cards, coupons)?
  • Do I feel connected to the seller as another individual (personal touches – thank you notes, some other indication that the seller was excited and appreciative of my business)?
  • Was the opening of the package an easy and visually pleasing experience?
  • Was opening the package especially fun (ex: I personally love to tear up colorful tissue paper; other people will pop all the bubbles in any included bubble wrap)?
  • Would I need to repackage the item for gift giving or is it already presentable?
  • Can I reuse any of the packaging? (yay for hoarding pretty ribbons for re-use!)

As a newbie seller, I need to make an investment into packaging materials that makes sense financially while taking the above points into consideration. After all, shiny boxes and ribbons are grand and make everybody feel like royalty, but they cost accordingly. Even when priced for bulk sale, it’s still a chunk of money I could potentially use for actual jewelry materials. All of my start-up funds come from personal savings – so a couple of hundred dollars out of a couple of grand are a significant percentage.

Thus, my goal for packaging during this initial period of getting Wild Naiada up and running is to achieve a balance between good presentation and affordable cost. After conducting research for various packaging types and vendors, here’s what I selected for earring packaging:


The end result is more utility oriented than super pretty – but I’m hoping that it’ll look lovingly hand assembled, and will convey to the customer that I would like to facilitate their long-term experience with intricately crafted silver jewelry.


If you’re interested in how I blurred out my address on that photo:
1) import photo into GIMP
2) select desired area using Free Select Tool
3) apply blur to the selected area by going to Filters > Blur > Pixelize
4) create a New Layer that is Transparent;
5) place new layer above the layer with the original photo
6) make sure you’re working on the new layer by selecting it the Dockable Layers Dialogue
7) recreate the selection of the area your want to blur
8) choose the Bucket tool; in the tool options dialogue, set the opacity to 50%;
9) choose the color you want to fill the selected area with; click on the area to perform the fill
10) Play around until you have what you like 🙂

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3 Responses to Branding: Packaging

  1. Anya says:

    Another super helpful entry. Referenced it today as I was trying to figure out shipping materials for myself. Your blog rocks!


    • Thaank you 🙂
      What did you end up deciding?
      I think my packaging still makes sense given the level of investment i wanted to make and how young the business is… Except i think that it doesn’t match my product price points brand wise. Would be very interesting to see what you are leaning towards!


      • Anya says:

        I ended up getting these in silver (and also the larger version for necklaces):

        Kinda pricey, but since I’m selling pricey items, so I think it’s appropriate. That said, i think you packaging matches the price point of your earrings quite well. Even though the packaging is not expensive, the fact that the earrings are handmade, and the handmade earring cards, balances things out.

        Oh also, I thought I could get packaging materials from AC Moore, what a fail though. If they have decent packaging materials, they are extremely well hidden and I couldn’t find them. Waste of time, should have bought online from the start.


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