Business Cards from VistaPrint

Dear internet and friends, I hope you’ve been having a great start to 2014!

I’ve been MIA on the business front for a while as personal life threw me a priorities curveball: I’m pregnant, so Lev and I are expecting the become parents in mid-July. When we found out this news last November, my brain numbed towards non-pregnancy things. During the holiday season, I split my time between crafting gifts and consuming prenatal literature. As 2014 came and I slowly got used to the notion of impending parenthood, my productivity and creativity exploded to embrace two new hobbies – cooking and sewing (here’s to hoping they’re here to stay). I began a Jewelry Fabrication metalworking course with a local jeweler (more on that later), and started feeling the itch to dive back into Wild Naiada Designs. So when several online printing vendors offered deep discounts, I jumped on the chance to order business cards.


Face On: Premium Matte Card Stock from Vistaprint, vertical orientation

Business cards aren’t a necessity of running a business, and I am convinced that successful face-to-face promotion can be achieved without them. But ordering a batch made sense for me. First, I really enjoying collecting business cards when attending craft or Intergem shows – they let me check out the artist’s work online without time restrictions. Second, I’m shy – sometimes painfully so with strangers. Even with friends, I feel hesitant to share my progress on Wild Naiada. I think that carrying a pack of business cards in my pocket will remind me to speak with confidence of my budding business, to convey my pride in my accomplishments and products. I also anticipate that training myself to give out business cards with ease will result in learning to be a better interaction partner overall.

At this stage I wanted to spend a minimal amount on business cards, so only looked into ordering from VistaPrint, 123Print and OvernightPrints. I ended up choosing VistaPrint because a) they offered a better price point; b) they offered vertically oriented cards; c) their interface for putting together one’s own card design was easier to work through.

I ended up ordering 500 cards of Premium Matte stock, vertically oriented, front printed only, for a couple of cents over $25. (I would have been happy with the base amount of 250, but it was more economical to order twice that due to a “free shipping after $25” coupon. Go figure). Then I waited with great impatience as the shipment got delayed a couple of days due to all the lovely snow, and finally received them yesterday!


Here you may notice that the printed surface is slightly reflective despite being matte – the top portion of the cards is reflecting the yellow lighting of overhead lamps.

I’m pretty happy with the result. The card stock is thick, the colors are sufficiently bright, and the matte finish still gives off a minor reflection when viewed at an angle. My choice of fonts and letter sizing worked well and is easy to read. The cards basically look like their template in the order invoice – so no unexpected surprises.

The internet warned me that for best color vividness, the glossy finish is recommended – but I find it harder to read and write on, so matte was a must for me. I think more of the color contrast was taken away by my choice of white/off-white text than the finish itself. Also, if you look VERY closely, you can see that the printed resolution in the dark colors of the background photo isn’t ideal (even though the resolution in my photo was).

I have a suspicion that the longer I use them, the more busy their design will feel to me. I anticipate that if I was working with the same photo next time, I would keep the “Wild Naiada Designs, Artisan Jewelry” text on the front, but would have moved all the contact information to the back of the cards. As is, I’m so exited to have them in my hands – to have this method of telling people “Look! I make awesome jewelry! Check it out, tell me what you think.”


From the side: paper stock is thick and comfortable

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7 Responses to Business Cards from VistaPrint

  1. Anya says:

    So pretty! Pretty enough to be a bookmark, even 🙂 Perfect choice of photography.

    The only thing I would add to the card (on the front or on the back, wherever it can fit) is the address of your blog. You have such an awesome blog with amazing photography and detailed, clearly written entries… I think people would enjoy the blog as an intro to your jewelry.


    • mimB says:

      😀 Thaaank you 🙂 I try 😛 I’m glad the entries read well. 😀

      The blog address did not fit on the front. Le sigh :/ And I was too chicken to plan out a back to the cards as well as the front when I was ordering (I haven’t actually seen cards that had both a front and a back, so wasn’t sure how that would look), so I stuck to basic contact info.

      What felt the weirdest, though, was putting my real name on them. I’m so used to some level of anonymity, even for the Etsy shop… Having it on the cards really felt like saying “Bam! I stand behind my work and take the consequences for putting it out there.”


  2. Amy says:

    Congratulations!! I definitely know what you mean but losing the drive for business when pregnant. The little I did in late 2013 I forced myself to do. I’ve spent the majority of 2014 sewing instead of creating flowers and playing with wire. I hope you are feeling well.

    I love you bookmarks and I really believe they are quite essential for promotion. Every sale should include a business card in the packaging. And really for the prices you can get on them, especially sales on Vista it’s well worth the investment. You cards look great!


    • mimB says:

      Amy, thank you!
      I’m finally moving through my initial reaction of “is this really happening?!” to “I’m looking forward to this happening”. I hope having a kid is as big of an adventure as it looks like from the side. 🙂
      An acquaintance of mine is pregnant with her second and is suffering from whole-day sickness and works full time – I cannot fathom how she’s managing it all, and am quietly admiring her strength. I, in contrast, got very lucky – so far, I’ve had a very pleasant pregnancy.

      Thank you about the cards also! Yess, I’m excited to include them with sales, but I do hope to learn to gracefully whip them out when people ask me “so what do you do?”


  3. Anya says:

    Just referenced your blog to order up some cards! Exciting!


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