Writing Less to Say More

If you’ve met me, you know that I have trouble speaking my mind. Sure, in a comfortable setting or one-on-one, I’ll open up. Listen generously, and I might even get chatty. But generally, I am that odd smiling girl – attentive to your words but failing to offer up any of my own in return.


Wild Olyas: often shy and always silly.

Yet give me a page to be filled and I have trouble shutting up. Perhaps compensating for my frequent silence, all my ideas start to look shiny and crucial to voice. I work to narrow my topic, I edit exhaustively – and still end up with behemoths of essays. I mean, my last post hit 1528 words. A little intense, mayhaps, for “using leafy props in earring photography is hard“?

So. To train myself to write concisely, I will limit weekly Friday posts to 150 words.


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