Passion is NOT a requirement for beginners

Have you noticed that conventional advice for “becoming an artist” tries to scare off the amateurs? For instance, Demian of CopyBlogger writes:

“[If you … could live a life without writing then don’t pursue a writing career.] …You simply don’t have what it takes to endure the downs of the writing life.”

Guys, I call bullshit.

2014-06-20 001

Have you ever heard “Mark, unless you breathe accounting, do not even try”? Nope! Yet when Mark commits to a career path in accounting, he is not guaranteed to “make it”.

Say Mark loooves the accounting process. The spectrum of available jobs will still range from mind-numbing to fulfilling. Mark could thrive, or dissolve into the average, or discover that accounting drains his soul. He cannot predict the outcome without trying.

Yeah, the market for creative crafts is more uncertain and risky. Yet, is it your calling? You gotta enter it to tell.


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