Feedback Please!

” Other rappers dis me
Say my rhymes are sissy.
Why? Why? Why?
What? Why?
Be more constructive with your feedback. Why?
– “Hiphopopotamus vs the Rhymenocerous” Flight of The Conchords

Dear people, give me constructive feedback! Nicely, if possible, since I’m a new business owner and my skin isn’t very thick yet 🙂

But seriously. I wish there was some social system in place that allowed customers to provide feedback without fear or discomfort, especially after positive experiences with a vendor. For example, I’ve made a number of large purchases with small business owners where I absolutely adored the product and the experience – but wished I had the guts to voice some suggestions. 

For example, for me it feels better when there is a consistent minimal frequency of communication with a vendor, especially for a custom order. So I’d suggest that vendors provide regular updates, even if only to say “Hi! It’s been a busy week, haven’t been able to start on your order, but really looking forward to it! Will let you know how it’s going again soon.” 

Or, sometimes a product fits my use case exceptionally well, but could be made potentially more functional with “deeper pockets” or “a thinner clasp would be less protruding and make it a better fit”.

In either situation, I’m typically too afraid to damage my relationship with the vendor by offending their work, or pointing out an aspect of the transaction I thought they could have done better at. Likewise, I do not want to leave picky comments in formal reviews, through which the vendor collects their public rating. But I still have a thought out opinion, and maybe the vendor would appreciate food for brainstorming!

So. I would like to offer this page as an opportunity for you, the reader and/or the customer, to give me suggestions and constructive feedback on my products, service and shop presentation. Be it anonymous or signed, please speak up. I will not always agree or be able to put your suggestions into action, but I will gratefully and carefully consider everything.  


One Response to Feedback Please!

  1. susan gifis says:

    HI Olga The earrings I purchased from you are stunning and I am excited to see the reaction from my daughter when I give them to her. I know she will love them. Thank your so much and keep the communication going. It is appreciated and it sets you apart from the typical businessperson. Good luck to you and I for one am impressed that you are off to an excellent start. Susan


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