Visiting Liz Hall of Lizards Jewelry

Last Saturday I visited Liz Hall of Lizards Jewelry at her and her husband’s home studio during the Loudoun County Artists’ Studio Tour. I follow Liz’ work on Facebook, and the colors are eye candy – in her photos as well as in person.

I was going to bug Liz about her creative process, history as an artist, and any fabrication challenges that her materials of choice (polymer clay and metal clay) present, but once at the studio I totally chickened out. Liz was OK with me taking some photos though.

Studio & Workbench

Liz Hall Lizards Jewelry 009

Liz Hall Lizards Jewelry 008

Liz Hall Lizards Jewelry 007

Pieces for Sale

I especially dig the pieces incorporating metal clay. To me, the juxtaposition of squiggles and geometric color layouts evokes funky sea creatures, fuzzy and odd and fun (inspires me to explore creating textures in metalworking).

Liz Hall Lizards Jewelry 001
Liz Hall Lizards Jewelry 005
Liz Hall Lizards Jewelry 002

Although real life octopi eek me out, I love the organic feel the tentacles add to this pendant.

Liz Hall Lizards Jewelry 006
Liz Hall Lizards Jewelry 004

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One Response to Visiting Liz Hall of Lizards Jewelry

  1. Liz Hall says:

    Thank you for such a great write up! You should have asked away, I don’t bite 😉 and I’d be happy to answer your questions, your more then welcome to stop on by anytime and so glad you stopped by during the tour. Thanks again!
    –Liz Hall aka Lizards Jewelry


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