Wading Back To Self

Dear all, how have you been?

A little over three weeks on the new job (ahem, parenthood) and I’m tentatively getting the hang of being a caretaker/main food supply. Flexibility, readiness to take naps anytime, and willingness to eat anything placed in front of me are my main survival skills. (Though friends and family have spoiled us by bringing all the tasty stuff).

2014-08-18 001
When I’m ok-slept our tiny human, Dasha, is pretty fun. At this point, she seems a tangle of basic functions, squirmy reflexes and derpy faces. I’m beginning to see why during our evening walks the passerby halt and break into smiles upon noticing her; I think they remember their own kids as babies. I think I will become like them, appreciating any and all new life. (Makes me want to sit on imaginary porches at the break of dawn, looking out across dew-filled fields and whisper “Hello, tiny creature. Welcome to the world”).

The first two weeks with Dasha, the lack of confidence and sleep left me hollow. I’d get time to myself but wouldn’t be able to muster the energy to even read. Yet last week saw strength and creativity start seeping back! My milestones:

  • finished Wool by Hugh Howey (if you’re into fiction with a dystopian setting, I highly recommend it!);
  • cooked panna cotta (so quick, so creamy, so mmm);
  • rediscovered internet through my phone and learned to type with one thumb;
  • took pen to paper and began the two personal essays on lessons learned from pregnancy and labor.

I’m unable to say when I will resume a regular post schedule, but I’m happy that I’m heading back toward myself. Meanwhile, I hope summer ends with a blast for you! See ya’round.

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2 Responses to Wading Back To Self

  1. Anya says:

    beautiful 🙂


  2. Amy says:

    congrats! she is beautiful.


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