Etsy for Sellers: a Tool, Not a Service

An exasperating question tends to reappear in Etsy Forums: “Opened shop a week ago – zero sales. What’s wrong?!” This bias betrays a culture looking for instant results; one that willfully does not care to understand the slow incremental achievement required to transform Vision into Realization.

2014-07-11 001

Yeah, it would be sweet if all you needed to do to sell your crafts was make them and publish product listings. But Etsy is NOT a marketing engine. Its goal is NOT to drive traffic to your particular shop. Etsy is a marketplace. It seeks the buyer, and it serves the buyer.

For the seller, Etsy is a set of tools and resources: a web presence; an online cart; a community of fellow crafters. The rest – branding, marketing, making yourself available to your ideal clients – remains on the seller’s shoulders. So let’s use Etsy for what it is: an aid, not a shortcut.

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One Response to Etsy for Sellers: a Tool, Not a Service

  1. Ali says:

    Well put. Listing items is the easy part – marketing’s where you’ve got to really put in some elbow grease.

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