“Sunset” Earrings

These earrings are another treat, and happened to photograph really well. They’re sapphires on gold findings and gold filled chain and wire. They’re very small earring, and sadly, show up very poorly in my light hair. They look better when my hair’s up. I also think I’ll end up exchanging the posts on these to fish hooks.

I’m thinking… that all the sapphires have been heated. While sapphire do occur in orange and yellows, the intensely colored stones command high prices. Also, these stones are of fairly good clarity – some of them have external blemishes, but otherwise, the inclusions are minimal. Which makes them good material  – if they were this color naturally… I probably couldn’t afford them.


Tasty tasty yellows


These are so small that the inclusions on the exterior of the orange stones is not visible unless you look really closely.


You may notice that I was beading with a super thin wire (which is normally used for wire crocheting), so I had to fold it in half to use confidently.


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One Response to “Sunset” Earrings

  1. Sarah says:

    love these!! might be cool with red garnets as the bottom big stone too!


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